Thursday, March 31, 2011

A vaccination a year keeps any illnesses away

Brought my baby boy to the vet for his yearly vaccination today. His appointment was supposed to be at 3pm but we were slightly late. Thank god there wasn't much people so the waiting time wasn't that long.

Just look at how huge he is! He's just too adorable! How can i not love him?

As usual, my baby was the centre of attention especially when we took him out from his carrier. People kept saying, "OMG HE'S SO FAT, CHUBBY AND ADORABLE!" Haha! We get a lot of that remarks whenever we bring him out. So yea, we're used to that! :)

Anyway, his doctor was very shocked on how much he'd grown over the past year. Oh, there's ALWAYS a need to weigh my baby each time we bring him to the vet for the various reasons and WE GOT A SHOCK WHEN WE WEIGHED HIM EARLIER ON! Wanna guess how heavy he is now? If you're guessing 8-10kg, then you're almost there. He weighs 11.15kg! WOW!

The doctor kept nagging about how heavy he is and the importance to reduce his food intake and the need to reduce his weight that we HAD to buy the special food for him which is the Royal Canin Obesity Management dry food. We'll have to mix that with his existing dry food.

In the cab, on the way to the vet!
At the vet, waiting for his turn to see the doctor
His health booklet. Yes, he's just like us, humans.
We have health booklets, he does have 1 too! :)
Take a look at the picture of him!
That was taken when he was 1 year old!
He still look young, innocent and he's still skinny! :P

Why do cats need yearly vaccination?
Adult cats should receive yearly check-up and vaccination as part of their health maintenance program. Many people think that indoor cats DO NOT NEED vaccination. Unfortunately, most feline diseases are airborne, or can be carried in on clothing and shoes with ease. Preventative care is not only important for your cat but it is also for you. So if you love your cats, do take action! If you need more information regarding the yearly vaccination, you can go here: If the information is still not sufficient, you may google it! :)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Family Gathering

Day 1 - 25th March

Headed to JB in the afternoon. Dad did not tag along because he had to work. Our first stop was hotel. We checked into our room the minute we reached JB because we carried way too many things including our luggage! Mind you, the luggage wasn't full of our clothes but full with clothes for the little kids. We bought clothes and swimming costume for the kids. :)

Our bags and luggage!
26th floor of the hotel. Room number 2608! :)

After putting our bags in the room, we headed to Jusco Bukit Indah for our shopping! We went hunting for clothes to be worn for the Family event. I bought a black dress, pink half jacket and a black cardigan. The black dress and pink half jacket was for the Family event. After hunting for clothes, we went hunting for food stuffs for the goodie bag for the family event. It's our tradition to prepare goodie bag for the kids. Kak Leena and Abang Wan came over and we had dinner together. After dinner, we went to City Square to fetch dad. Later at night, we packed the goodie bags. So yeah, basically, that was what happened on day 1. Nothing much. Just shopping, dinner then back at the hotel.

Food stuffs for the goodie bag

Day 2 - 26th March

The day started off with buffet breakfast at the hotel's coffee house. Surprisingly, they had a change in the menu. NO MORE NASI LEMAK! I don't really like the Nasi Lemak. I think my mum's Nasi Lemak is nicer! hehehe! :P So after breakfast, we headed to City Square shopping mall to do some window shopping and food feasting. Sarabat's thosai and prata is sooo yummeh! Damn, I WANNA GO BACK THERE! :(

Went back to the hotel after that because the rest of the family members had already checked-in so we just hang out in the room. I swear Raziq is super adorable! The kids kept running about at the hallway, running in and out of their rooms into our room and all. It was hectic but FUN! :) We then headed for a swim but the weather was super windy. It was really scary! I AM AFRAID OF STRONG WIND!

All ready to go swimming! So this is your opportunity to see me without make-up on! Go ahead and laugh because yea, i look ugly! LOL!

By the way, we bought the swimming costume for them! ;)

My cute, adorable favourite girl, Nur Irdina! :) Look at her dimples! *jealous*

Nurul Izza Izzani! :)

Look at how windy it was!

After swimming, we went back to our hotel room and get ready for the Family Event. The event was a celebration of Uncle's 3rd Wedding Anniversary cum Their Daughter's Birthday cum Celebration of their Daughter's engagement cum Family Day. The event began at 8pm. The event went well but not as fun as our first Family Day event which was in celebration of my parent's wedding anniversary because there were other families from my uncle's wife which includes Lynn Nasir!
The dress and pink half jacket i was talking about! :)
THIS BABY BOY IS RAZIQ! I LOVE LOVE HIM SO MUCH! :D Such a handsome boy, just like his father! :)
Instax! :)
Lynn Nasir VS Masleena? I'm on Team Masleena! :)
Kak Fit and Kak Hana! They have beautiful vocals! I am jealous! :(
Musical Chair! Oh look at Raziq! So freaking adorable!
Games organized by Kak Hana.
Choir? Haha! Adorable kids! :)
Most of the girls are wearing shades of pink! :) Oh, we bought the clothes for the kids including the handsome Raziq! :)

My lovely family! :)
Cousins! :D
All of us! Okay not all ah. Some of them already left. There were altogether about 60 people!

Day 3 - 27th March

I had a great time on day 3. Had breakfast at the hotel's coffeehouse again but this time with the whole family. After breakfast, we headed down to the swimming pool! Kak Fit, my sis and i even got to sun tan. LOL!
The kids were swimming, the adults catch up with one another! :)
Recognize him? No? Yes he is Amer Omar who played as Waji in a Malay Drama, Manja Lara.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Oh people, yes i'm back from my trip! Family day was GREAT! I will update on that maybe tomorrow. But for now, i'm feeling very nervous for my internship interview tomorrow! The internship interview is supposedly to be today but the interviewer had to attend to an urgent meeting so it is postponed to tomorrow. I hope the interview will go smoothly for me tomorrow and hopefully i'll get a position in the company.

So, this is a photo of me, all ready for the interview just now. I was already on the way to the company when my facilitator called me and told me it was postponed so i headed to Plaza Singapura to get the yummy Marks & Spencer digestive cookies.

Dropped by grandma's house on my way home to pay her a visit. This was what happened when i walked into grandma's room:
Me: *walks into grandma's room*

Grandma: "Woa, my grand-daughter is looking so pretty"

Me: "hehe thank you" *blushing*

Grandma: "You should put on make up and dress up more frequently. You look very pretty. Oh, i'm sure Dimple Boy will love it if he sees you looking all pretty like this"

Me: *blushing*

Even my grandma knows about me and dimple boy! This is so embarrassing! Anyway, my grandma is soo cute! I just love her so much! :)

Friday, March 25, 2011

I will be away from Singapore for a few days! Will be back on Sunday! Goodbye Singapore. :)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Nurul Atika Bte Mohd Yazid is my BESTEST FRIEND THAT I'VE EVER HAD! She is one of the most beautiful gift that God has given to me. I am blessed, grateful and thankful for having her in my life. I love you so much girl! :)

I will be away from Singapore till Sunday. Will be spending quality time with the family on dad's side! I am so excited! I gotta and i needa start packing my bag! I really HATE packing because i don't know how many sets of clothes i should bring, i don't know what are the necessary things that needs to be brought and stuffs. Should i bring swimming costume? Will there be time for a dip in the pool? Oh MUMMY, CAN YOU PLEASE BE OH SO KIND AND HELP ME DO THE PACKING? :P

So, i just found out that i have a stalker and that person admitted to me yesterday! LOL! Anyway, Kyle just called me this morning! I swear i thought i was dreaming when i saw his name. He asked me if i wanna meet him when he book-out of camp but sadly i can't because i'll be away till Sunday! I really do wanna meet him but i can't. I guess i just have to wait patiently for the next time that he'll book out of camp.

" Best friends are like stars, you don't always see them but, you know that they are always there "

Really? Best friends are like stars, you don't always see them but you know that they are always there? But i don't think this is happening to us now. Don't you guys think so? I feel like we've all drifted apart. We don't really text each other that much these days, asking about each other's well being. Even if we take the initiative to text you guys, do you guys even bother to reply? I don't think so. We no longer meet-up that often too. Whenever we ask you guys out, you'll give answers like, "oh, sorry, can't make it. I have something on" but how come you guys seems to have time for other activities with other people? WHO ARE YOUR BEST FRIENDS NOW? What is going to happen to us? I.REALLY.DO.WONDER.

Wonder what leads me to ranting about this topic? Well, i was chatting with Atika on MSN yesterday night and she brought up this topic first and it turns out that both of us feels the same way. It's like we can read each other's mind. I guess we are fated to be best friends. I don't wish to continue ranting on this because i don't want to be known as the bitch who bitch about her best friends but get this clear, i am just stating the FACTS.

So think about it guys.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Why do i keep comparing them to you? Each time i fall for a guy, i tend t0 compare him with you. I guess you're the perfect guy that i've always wanted. I guess you're the perfect guy that i've always craved for. Well, i guess it's not a surprise because we've known each other since young. Whenever there was me, there's definitely you and whenever there was you, there's me. Get what i mean? Just by hearing your name, it'll plaster a smile on my face. Even my parents knows that. I know it's ridiculous. You're 2 years younger than me but people say that age is just numbers. I wonder how he feels about me now. I know that we used to like each other. I know that he once asked me to be his girlfriend. Well, that's all in the past.

Hey you, i am in love with you.

Prague: Czech Republic

My school is organizing a study trip to Prague, Czech Republic and i am dying to go for the study trip. Well, as usual, there are many worries especially financial since my family is not well-off. However, the good news is that the Khoo Teck Puat International Opportunity funds (KTPIOP) Funding supports for the needy students of up to $1200. This is open to students who have family income of less than $3000 and my family falls under this category.

And, I still have about $2300 in my PSEA account therefore i can use that sum of money to cover up for the airfare, accomodation, etc which accumulates up to $1895.

As for the daily expenses there, i've done my research. The living expenses there is quite affordable. I think it should be sufficient if i just convert $200.

I hope my parents allows me to go for this study trip. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Just look at the place, it's so beautiful!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

So, GPA and module grades are out. I am quite surprised by my module grades because i did quite well although there are still no A's for my module grades. I've calculated my GPA for this semester and i am again, SURPRISED because i managed to score a total of 3.1 for my GPA this semester. I improved by 0.4 points as compared to last semester. However, my overall GPA is affected by my low GPA that i obtained in year 1 and that PULLS DOWN my overall GPA. :(

Once again, I REGRET PLAYING THE FOOL IN YEAR 1! I was stupid back then. I didn't know that overall GPA is calculated by totaling the GPA's every semester.
This is how the GPA is calculated:
Year 1 Semester 1 GPA + Year 1 Semester 2 GPA+
Year 2 Semester 1 GPA + Year 2 Semester 2 GPA +
Year 3 Semester 1 GPA + Year 3 Semester 2 GPA
= Overall GPA
" What do you want to do after you graduate from polytechnic? Thinking of going university? "

That is the common question that i'll get from friends and relatives. I hate it when people ask me that question. (No offense if you've asked me that before). Wanna know why i hate it? It's because i know i'll never be able to make it into any university because i am not smart enough. Just look at the entry requirements to get into a LOCAL university! It's so freaking tough to get into a local university because one needs to get a GPA of at least 3.5 and above to qualify for University application. How about SIM? or any overseas universities? Well, my family is not that well off so definitely not able to afford it.

So, UT3 grades are already out. I do pass all the modules but i'm not satisfied and contented with my own results. I am disappointed with my results because i know that i did revise. I did put in effort to make my own notes and i spent more than 10 bucks in printing the damn bloody notes! I am especially disappointed in my Stage Management grade. I've always aimed to get at least 1 A for any Stage Management UTs but NOPE, I DON'T GET A SINGLE A! Why do people who dislike Stage Management gets to score A's when here i am, totally in love with Stage Management, been trying my best to do well for the UT's but end up getting the same grades for every single UT? Haiz. SHIT HAPPENS!

Okay maybe i should probably just shut up and learn to accept the fact and be appreciative for passing all the modules. I just have to bear this in mind,

Monday, March 21, 2011

Been listening to Glee's Volume 4 & 5 soundtracks on repeat mode! :) I JUST LOVE GLEE! :D

Sunday, March 20, 2011

I don't know what's wrong with me. Help?

Came across this image on Tumblr and so i thought of ranting on this topic.
So what is LIKE and what is LOVE?

Like = Love (??)

Based on WordWeb dictionary, LIKE means to be fond of someone and admiring someone as for LOVE, LOVE means have a great affection or liking for someone and strong passionate affection for another person. Some people are not aware of the differences between these 2; like and love.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

I am currently ADDICTED to VAMPIRE DIARIES! :)
Old Man

I was having breakfast together with my mum and my sister at West Mall's KFC when we saw a very old malay man who stood still by the side of 1 of the tables. He stood there with his eyes shut and he seems to be in pain. People were staring at him. A nice young malay man then approached the old man and asked him if he's okay but he did not respond. He still stood there with his eyes shut. He didn't even respond to the young man.

After shaking and calling out to him numerously, he then opened his eyes but he couldn't walk so the young man slowly guided and helped the old man to the nearest table. He sat there with his eyes closed. The young man had to hold onto him as he doesn't look well. He kept falling to his side. The young man then searched the old man's pocket, searching for his IC or any identity card which has any contact number on it but he couldn't find it. A few minutes later, the old man opened his eyes and we asked him if he remembers any contact number and THANK GOD he does remember his home contact number.

The young man contacted the old man's family and told them about the old man's condition. I swear i was really panicky when i saw the old man. He seems to be in pain and he looks so weak that he could collapse any minute. He looks super old, maybe around 80++ years old and he's still out and wondering alone? I couldn't control my feelings. I really felt like crying when i look at his face. I wonder how his children / grandchildren could let their aged father out alone.

Here's a part of my conversation with the old man:
Me: " Atok kenapa keluar sorang sorang?" (why do you go out and wonder all alone?)
Old Man: " Sebab takde orang nak teman" (because no one is there to accompany me out)
Me: * Tears began to well up in my eyes*

I will NEVER EVER let any of my grandparents / aged parents wonder alone.